Silkeborg Unlimited

Silkeborg is the new outdoor capital of Denmark!

You know Copenhagen and Aarhus was the cultural capital of Europe in 2017, now Silkeborg wanted to make the map as well.

One with nature

The Lake District (Søhøjlandet surrounding Silkeborg) has everything you need for a thrilling holiday in nature. Whether you are a serious athlete, or you simply want to lose yourself in the midst of breathtaking landscapes, Silkeborg is the perfect place to have a break from the trivia of everyday life.

Take a lazy trip down the river in a canoe or hike along the ancient road (Hærvejen) surrounded by heather and rural serenity. The possibilities are endless – and the enchanting woodlands start just a ten-minute walk from Silkeborg town square.

If you are proficient in Danish you can read more about Silkeborg Unlimited here (Or translate with google translate)